New for Ride the Rogue 2024!  A timed Challenge Segment!  Challenge participants, those who choose to ride the challenge segment, may pursue Ride the Rogue (Strava segment) leader status.  What is a Strava segment?  A ‘segment’ is a section of a ride that someone has turned into a timed course. Usually, it is hills. Strava automatically allocates the rider’s time to any segment that you ride through and upload to its site. It then creates a table of who rode through the segment.  

Challenge participants must register for the route to complete the challenge.  There is an additional fee for registering for the segment challenge.  The segments must be completed for their registered route and when the route is available on the day of the event.  

Cyclists riding the Metric Century route can try to clock their fastest time through the Antioch Road segment to earn the distinction of the Ride the Rogue 2024 Antioch ride leader.  Cyclists will compete in age brackets (40 years of age or younger, 41-60, and 60+).  The male and female leader will be awarded…??

The start and finish of the Antioch Road segment will be identified with signs. The Antioch Road segment is on the Metric Century route.  The segment is publicly available as a Strava segment (Antioch Road Segment).

The segment leaders will be identified from Strava.  To qualify as a segment leader, the cyclist must be registered for the route. And pay an additional fee.  The segment must be completed during the hours of the Ride the Rogue event.  Riders of e-Bikes cannot qualify for recognition as a segment leader.  

Timing for the segment is accomplished by using Ride with GPS route maps.  Bike computers (e.g., Garmin) must be linked to a Strava account. Smart phones are able to use Ride with GPS routes.  When using a Garmin bike computer, the user provides Strava permission to interact with their Garmin Connect account.  After a bike computer is linked to Strava, rides are automatically uploaded to the Strava account.  When using a phone, the Ride with GPS app (or Garmin Connect) must be linked to a Strava account.

The segment participant’s results will be seen on Strava (by anyone with a Strava account).  The male and Female leaders for each segment will be taken from the Strava results.  Challenge Segment route details are as follows.